Class Cancellation by Cooking Coach

Cancelling a class before any Guests register is fine.  Go to your Kitchen Dashboard.  First check the Orders tab to make sure there are no Guests registered.  Then you may simply go to the Classes tab, hover over the class, and click Delete.

You should ensure that you are available for a Cooking Class before listing it.  If you have Guests registered, cancellation should be avoided.  The Guests are inconvenienced and disappointed.  We make a full refund to Guests in this case, incurring transaction charges in both directions that are borne by Cook and Connect, in addition to the administrative work.  Repeated cancellation of classes with significant number of registered Guests may result in loss of Cooking Coach status.

If you must cancel, please follow this process:

  1. Please do not delete the class listing.
  2. It will be best if you contact your Guests directly to let them know and express your regrets.
  3. Then please contact us and let us know your name and the class name, and whether you have contacted all the guests.
  4. If necessary, we will notify the Guests that the class is cancelled.
  5. Finally, we will process all the refunds and delete the class listing.