Gather together to bake Russian Tea Cakes. Two recipes will be used, one classical and another a family recipe. Coffee, tea and appetizers will be served.


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Delicious Russian Tea Cakes

Posted on2018-09-30 by Szou

I was so impressed with Carleen's Russian Tea Cakes class. It's easy to follow the instructions. The inviting smell and taste of the tea cakes coming right out of the oven makes a bite of the tea cake such a delightful enjoyment. Love it so much!

Hello!!  I’m more of a baker than a “chef”.  At Christmas time one of my favorite gifts to give is a sampler of different baked goods such as sugar cookies, Baklava, Russian Tea Cakes, fudge, etc..  I enjoy baking and learned from my mother how to make pies, crusts, cakes and the such from scratch.

I enjoy sharing meals and conversation so I find the concept of Cook and Connect to be one that resonates with me as a way to meet and enjoy the company of folks who may become friends.

Heavenly Russian Tea Cakes

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Baking of Russian Tea Cakes

Class Schedule

Saturday, September 29 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm


Flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, walnuts, powered sugar, brandy included in family recipe

Cooking Coach(es)

Carleen White

Maximum Guests


Class Venue

Gunnison, Colorado. (Detailed address will be provided to registered guests)

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