You don’t have to go to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy KongPao Chicken. You can learn to cook it at home, and it will be a better, healthier style than in American Chinese restaurants. In this class, you will learn to cook three Chinese dishes, KongPao Chicken, Tomato Egg and Celery Cashew. They are easy to prepare and easy to cook, but so yummy that you will love them and might want them often. They will greatly tempt your appetite with unforgettable flavor. Perfect match of tomato and egg, celery and cashew that will bring out the best of the food in nutrition.

Snacks, wine, beer, and take-home food will be provided, but feel free to bring your own drinks.

DISCOUNT: If you register 2 people, each will get $3 discount. If you register 3 or more people, each will get $6 discount.

You can cancel the booked class with a refund up to 6 hour before the class starts. Please refer to FAQ’s and Help at the bottom of the website for refund policy before you cancel the booked class. If you cancel the class, please send a message to me via my email or text me to my cell phone.

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Katie Dix

Posted on2018-09-05 by Katiedixsvh

Three Yummy Chinese Dishes was a wonderful class! Shuling explained her process and ingredients so well that I feel confident I can make all three. We had such a pleasant time chatting with each other as well as Shuling and Jim. What a nice experience!

Three Yummy Chinese Dishes

Posted on2018-06-25 by Carleen

If you're looking to learn the art of true Chinese cooking, take one of Shuling's classes. Not only is she a warm, fun and engaging host, but also a natural teacher. You WILL learn how to cook --- and dine --- Chinese with Shuling. She and I are friend's, and on this occasion I was the only person to register. She had the class anyway - which impressed me - I learned how to make Kong Pao Chicken aka Gong Bao Chicken; Tomato Egg; and Celery Cashew dishes. Delicious and FUN!! Recipes are now at home so I can now replicate. Thank You Shuling!!

Something for Everyone

Posted on2018-06-17 by Jim (coach) Worrall

I had a great time and, as always, Shuling is a pleasant gracious host who can teach every aspect of Chinese cooking. This is a special class because it is not one, but three dishes (not counting the rice). The interesting thing is that another guest ranked their favorites of the three in opposite order from me. But honestly, they're all great and what a rich combination.

I came from northern China and have been living in the US with my family many years. My father was a very good cook and I was heavily influenced by him in enjoying cooking. Nothing could make me more happy than to see my family and friends enjoy the food I cooked.

Three Yummy Chinese Dishes 1 – Little Banquet

From: $28.00

Learn how to cook three homey and yummy Chinese dishes

Class Schedule

05:30 PM - 08:30 PM, Sunday, June 9, 2019 / Thursday, June 13, 2019


Raw chicken breast/thigh, peanut, green onion, celery, cashew, tomato, egg, cooking oil, bell pepper, sesame oil, snow peas, soy sauce, chili, cucumber

Cooking Coach(es)


Maximum Guests


Class Venue

North Image Neighborhood, Vancouver, WA, 98682 (detailed address will be provided to registered guests)

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