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  • How to easily peel a boiled egg? (9/21/2018) by Shuling - A lot of people like to eat boiled eggs. But peeling a boiled egg can be a painful thing to do. Here is a tip. Put the boiled egg right into cold water and sit for around 5 minutes. Then… . . . More
  • Delicious, cool, authentic mojito! (9/20/2018) by Jim (coach) Worrall - An authentic Mexican mojito has real and fresh ingredients.  It’s easy once you have them.  You can easily grow mint in your yard, but many of us will have to go to the store for limes!  You will need a… . . . More
  • How to tenderize stewed beef faster (6/9/2018) by Shuling Zou - Often it is difficult to get beef texture tender in stew, so stewing beef can take hours. Here is a smart way to change that. Put in a tea bag when making beef stew. Any kind of herbal tea will… . . . More
  • How to easily peel garlic (6/9/2018) by Shuling Zou - Option 1: Break garlic into cloves. Put all the cloves in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you can easily peel each clove. Option 2: Hammer each garlic clove with the back of a cooking knife, then you… . . . More
  • How to make chicken meat soft and tender in cooking (6/6/2018) by Shuling - Chicken meat can be dry and without much flavor after being cooked. Mix an egg white with a table spoon of corn starch and 3 table spoons of chicken broth. Then marinate the mix with chicken meat fully. Stay for… . . . More