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  • How to tenderize stewed beef faster (6/9/2018) by Shuling Zou - Often it is difficult to get beef texture tender in stew, so stewing beef can take hours. Here is a smart way to change that. Put in a tea bag when making beef stew. Any kind of herbal tea will . . . More
  • How to easily peel garlic (6/9/2018) by Shuling Zou - Option 1: Break garlic into cloves. Put all the cloves in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you can easily peel each clove. Option 2: Hammer each garlic clove with the back of a cooking knife, then you . . . More
  • How to make chicken meat soft and tender in cooking (6/6/2018) by Shuling - Chicken meat can be dry and without much flavor after being cooked. Mix an egg white with a table spoon of corn starch and 3 table spoons of chicken broth. Then marinate the mix with chicken meat fully. Stay for . . . More