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Home Kitchen Class refers to a cooking class offered by an individual cooking coach and conducted in the coach’s home kitchen. 

As a guest, you can view the class listings and find a class that interests you. By attending the class, you will not only learn how to cook some specific dish(es), but also meet with interesting people who share your passion for cooking.

As a coach, you open your home kitchen and welcome guests to come and learn with you how to cook some specific food you are expert at.  When you share delicious food, enjoying compliments (Yum!, Wow!, So delicious!, OMG that’s so good!) is a great reward.

Home Kitchen Classes usually host a small group of attendees due to the limited home kitchen and dining space. It is more a cozy atmosphere and makes you feel more at home and relaxed.

A Commercial Kitchen Class is a cooking class that is either conducted in a licensed commercial kitchen or a licensed commercial-style kitchen in the host’s home.

Commercial Kitchen Classes usually can host more attendees in a bigger space. It is a lot of fun to mingle with more people, a social adventure.

All users on CookandConnect may sign up for an account for free.  You will immediately receive an email to confirm your email address and activate your account.

If you want to host a Cooking Class, please go to How to Become a Cooking Coach. There are detailed guidelines instructing you how to become a Cooking Coach.  Details are also available on How to List a Cooking Class.

If you want to attend a Cooking Class in your community or while traveling, just browse or search the listings and find the one you want to attend. This is a great way to meet local people and get an inside feel for a community you are visiting.

Read the listing thoroughly first. The class host usually states the ingredients in the listing so you will find what is in there. The host may also advise the guests on some special ingredients that might cause allergy. If you are still not certain after reading the listing, you should contact the host to ask about specific ingredients.

If a date is partially booked, a red triangle will appear in the corner.  When you click on it, then choose a time, you may see a message indicating how many booking spaces remain.  If a class is full, the date will change to fully red, and when you click on the date and time in the class calendar, you will be told there is no space available.

A Cooking Coach may choose to allow cancellations, and can set the cancellation deadline.  Cooking Coaches should describe the cancellation policy in the class description.  Registrations can be cancelled before the cancellation deadline.  To cancel, go to your CookandConnect my-account page, choose Bookings, and you should see a Cancel button beside your booking.  If there is no dispute, you will receive a refund, less 8% charge, which includes both PayPal transaction fees.  If you do not receive a prompt email confirming your cancellation, please also contact the Cooking Coach to let them know and offer your regrets.

If a listed cooking class is canceled by the coach, you will get a full refund.

Cooking Tips is a blog where people share their cooking tips. You are most welcome to share your tips too.

We appreciate you writing a review after you finish a Cooking Class. Your review will help others make a decision in choosing Cooking Classes and Coaches, so your review is very important. 

Reviews appear in two places.  Reviews for a given class appear in that Class page (Class Reviews tab).  All of a Cooking Coach’s reviews appear on their Kitchen page (in the Kitchen Owner section, click on the average rating stars).

Reviews can be written only by Guests who have registered for the Class.  Go to your my-account page and choose Orders.  This will show all the Cooking Classes you registered for.  On the right side of each Class row will be a Leave Review button.  If you were not happy with a Cooking Class, please express yourself with moderation.

You are advised to first communicate actively with the host trying to settle your dispute in a friendly and constructive way. If you need any assistance from CookandConnect, you are welcome to contact us. We will try our best to help.

If the above information doesn’t answer your questions, please contact us and tell us how we can help.