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Before you become a Cooking Coach and list cooking classes on CookandConnect, you are strongly advised to read the information on this page, the Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy.

Listing under Home Kitchen Classes or Commercial Kitchen classes is free.

You may be liable if there is injury or property damage to Guests at your home.  You may wish to check the liability coverage of your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to see if you are covered.

Guests may (and should!) consume the meal you have prepared during the class.  In many locations you may not otherwise sell food prepared in your kitchen commercially unless it is a commercial home kitchen. You may consult your local Health Department for details.

If you are already registered as a regular member of CookandConnect, and you wish to extend your registration to being a Cooking Coach, go to Profile > Kitchen > Dashboard.  Fill out the application and submit.

• Cooking Classes can be listed on the Add Class page (Cooking Coaches only).
• As a Cooking Coach, you can list a one-time class, or you can list an on-going class that is offered, perhaps, once a month or 5 times a day.
• You can define the maximum number of guests.
• You can define the required age group of the guests.
• You can define the class registration deadline and cancellation deadline.
• It’s totally up to you to decide on the price of each cooking class that you will conduct.
• If you don’t get enough guests before your registration deadline, you can decide to continue to do the class or cancel it. If you must cancel it, you should log in and delete your listing or make it private.  Be sure to notify your guests.  Paid guests will receive a full refund and you will get no payout.
• You should tell the guests what are the main ingredients, especially any that are commonly allergenic.
• If you want to list a series of different but related cooking classes, you need to do each listing separately on CookandConnect.  You can then designate them as grouped classes in the Related Classes tab.
• You should provide non-alcoholic beverages.  You may make your class no-alcohol, BYOB, provide certain beverages, and/or invite guests to bring what they like to drink.  In any case, inform your guests in the Class Description.
• See the page How to List a Cooking Class and the video on the Add Class page for further details.

On, listing of classes is free of charge. Guests pay for classes as indicated on the class page and during registration.  A service charge of 15% is deducted from the fees forwarded to the Cooking Coach.  All PayPal charges are paid by CookandConnect.

You don’t have to be a certified cook to be able to teach a cooking class and list under Home Kitchen Classes. Most of the States in the US do not request certification or license of a person to conduct a cooking class in his/her home kitchen. However, the rules may vary from State to State. It is suggested that you consult your local Health Department for clarification before you list your cooking classes on this website.

If you conduct a cooking class in a Commercial Kitchen or a commercial style kitchen in your home, you need to make sure that Commercial Kitchen does have a license and/or related permit, or you do have the commercial kitchen license for your home kitchen. In addition, you may also need to follow some Federal, State, County, or local laws and regulations on retail food handling and sale. It is suggested that you consult your local Health Department for details before you list your cooking classes on this website.

When you are pricing your cooking class, the following factors are suggested for your consideration to decide on your final price.

  1. Is it your home kitchen or a rented commercial kitchen? If it’s a rented one, the rental should be included in the cost.
  2. What is the total cost for the ingredients including snacks or drinks if provided.?
  3. What is the duration of the class? 1 – 2 hours or 3-4 hours? What is your hourly working charge?
  4. How many dishes are you preparing in your class?
  5. How many guests are you expecting to come?
  6. How much margin do you want to put on top of the total cost? 10%, 20%, or 50%, or even more?
  7. What is the typical local cooking class price? Take a comparison into consideration.

As an example, a coach hosts a Home Kitchen Class that lasts 2 hours, makes 2 dishes, and provides some snacks and drinks. Guests eat the meal and take leftovers home. A class like this could be priced between $30 – $50 per person. Surely there are cooking classes that are charged higher or lower as it varies significantly with different professional levels of the coach and different geographic regions. It’s totally up to the coach to decide on the price after thoroughly taking all the cost factors into consideration. 

Step 1. Preparation period

  1. Decide what dish(es) you want to teach.
  2. List your class on
  3. Shop for all the ingredients and some take-away leftover containers.
  4. Prepare the ingredients before the class, such as defrosting, cutting, chopping, precook, etc.
  5. Make sure you have enough cooking utensils.
  6. Print out the Recipe and Cooking Instructions for each of your guests.

Step 2. Class period

  1. Welcome your guests cordially and offer them snacks and non-alcoholic drinks upon their arrival.
  2. Safety orientation.
  3. Briefing on how you will cook.
  4. Start the teaching and get your guests be actively involved
  5. When the cooking is finished, sit down with your guests and enjoy the food and conversation.
  6. Thank your guests for coming to your class and let them take home leftovers if any.

After each class is completed, the Cooking Coach will be paid for each guest, less service charge, within 48 hours.  If there is a dispute between a guest and the host, payment may be delayed

Please be sure to enter your full address (where Classes will be held) in My Account > Addresses > click Edit.  This address will be included in the email sent to Guests to confirm their booking, as they will need it to find the Class.  It will not be publicly visible.  At the same time, we highly recommend sending a personal email to Guests, thanking them for making the booking and telling them how to find the Class.

There is also a place in your Kitchen Settings > Kitchen to enter the address where Classes will be held.  If you fill in the first address field (Street Address), the address will appear on your Kitchen page.  If you do not wish your exact address to be publicly visible, enter neighborhood and/or just the street in the first field, and fill in city, state, and zip.

As a Cooking Coach, you are advised to:

  • Make your listing clear and easy to follow, attractive to the guests, with good photos.
  • Inform your guests of any commonly allergenic ingredients.
  • Advise your guests that only adults at least 18 years old should attend, no young children, or make it a class for kids in a certain age group.
  • If you have a dog or a cat at home, try to secure your pet in a room away from your kitchen when you are conducting your cooking class.
  • Upon your guest’s arrival, you should brief them with safety instructions first and make sure they understand them well.