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The big variety of Chinese food always amaze people. Having learned to cook from young age, I love cooking and seeing my family and friends enjoying the food I cooked. Making dumplings, Wonton, Baozi, as well as cooking other characterized Chinese dishes are my specialty. I cook genuine Chinese dishes which is quite different from what you usually have in a Chinese restaurant in the US. I use less oil, don't do much deep frying, no SMG in my cooking as I like to eat healthy. If you are a Chinese cuisine foodie, welcome to my kitchen. Enjoy and have fun with us!

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I came from northern China and have been living in the US with my family many years. My father was a very good cook and I was heavily influenced by him in enjoying cooking. Nothing could make me more happy than to see my family and friends enjoy the food I cooked.


Cooking Class:Jiaozi – Authentic Chinese Dumpling

2018-11-30 Bobwojtalik

Chinese Dumpling ::

Cooking Class:Jiaozi – Authentic Chinese Dumpling


I cannot say enough good things about this class. Shuling opened up her home and taught 6 of us how to make delicious pork, beef, and shrimp dumplings. Shuling is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable chef. While none of us truly mastered the art of shaping the dumplings we all had an amazing time connecting over cooking. It is a very rare experience that in 3 hours you can meet 6 strangers, learn a new skill, and feel completely at home surrounded by friends by the end of it. Everyone should take these classes and experience Shuling’s delicious meals!

Delightful ::

Cooking Class:Wonton Adventure

2018-10-16 September

Wonderful hosts in a beautiful home. Great company and learned a lot about ingredients and process. Well worth the affordable price.

Sunday night fun! ::

Cooking Class:Wonton Adventure

2018-10-15 Sharie Lisowski

What a fabulous evening of learning, friends and good food. Shuling is fabulous! Can't wait to take another class of hers.

Katie Dix ::

Cooking Class:Three Yummy Chinese Dishes 1 – Little Banquet

2018-09-05 Katiedixsvh

Three Yummy Chinese Dishes was a wonderful class! Shuling explained her process and ingredients so well that I feel confident I can make all three. We had such a pleasant time chatting with each other as well as Shuling and Jim. What a nice experience!

Such a wonderful evening! ::

Cooking Class:Baozi – Chinese Steamed Dumpling

2018-08-27 Maggiecolorado

What a great night! Learned how to make Baozi in the company of good friends. Left the evening with new friends and a delicious recipe to add to my collection.

Wonton Adventure ::

Cooking Class:Wonton Adventure

2018-08-21 Laurabchambers1

My husband and I attend Wonton Adventure and had a wonderful time. Shuling was knowledgeable and hospitable. The food was delicious. Thank you for a fun evening!

Fabulous evening ::

Cooking Class:Tasty Multi-layer Beef Pancake and Beef Soup

2018-08-12 Laurie Sherman

Shuling, along with her husband Jim, provided a delightful evening with many varieties of authentic foods and very generous hospitality. You could participate in the preparation or just relax and enjoy! The additional education about the Chinese culture was an unexpected bonus. We'll definitely take advantage of this wonderful opportunity again!

Shuling's Chinese Cuisine ::

Cooking Class:Tasty Multi-layer Beef Pancake and Beef Soup

2018-08-12 Sonja Parmeter

What a wonderful experience! Jim and Shuling were gracious hosts, the food was wonderful - so much fun! It was very relaxed and fun - you could do as much or as little as you desired - I will definitely sign up for another class! Sonja

Fun experience ::

Cooking Class:Baozi – Chinese Steamed Dumpling

2018-08-06 Morgan Schaefer

Thank you Shuling for opening up your home and spending time teaching such a fun cooking experience! I brought the leftovers to my husband who was thrilled :) I'm excited to attempt these Chinese dumplings in my own home thanks to your great teaching.

Three Yummy Chinese Dishes ::

Cooking Class:Three Yummy Chinese Dishes 1 – Little Banquet

2018-06-25 Carleen

If you're looking to learn the art of true Chinese cooking, take one of Shuling's classes. Not only is she a warm, fun and engaging host, but also a natural teacher. You WILL learn how to cook --- and dine --- Chinese with Shuling. She and I are friend's, and on this occasion I was the only person to register. She had the class anyway - which impressed me - I learned how to make Kong Pao Chicken aka Gong Bao Chicken; Tomato Egg; and Celery Cashew dishes. Delicious and FUN!! Recipes are now at home so I can now replicate. Thank You Shuling!!

Something for Everyone ::

Cooking Class:Three Yummy Chinese Dishes 1 – Little Banquet

2018-06-17 Jim (coach) Worrall

I had a great time and, as always, Shuling is a pleasant gracious host who can teach every aspect of Chinese cooking. This is a special class because it is not one, but three dishes (not counting the rice). The interesting thing is that another guest ranked their favorites of the three in opposite order from me. But honestly, they're all great and what a rich combination.

Wontons! ::

Cooking Class:Wonton Adventure

2018-05-29 Zippy

I never thought I could learn how to make wontons and wonton soup. Shuling's class provided clear steps on "how to" and a wonderful setting in which to learn. I met people from the community that I had never seen before. Just a great way to learn a new dish and make new friends.

Great class! ::

Cooking Class:Wonton Adventure

2018-05-28 Npianosantarella

I had a great time at Shuling's Wonton Adventure last night. The techniques for making wontons were valuable and I'll definitely use them at home. I also enjoyed making new friends and being in a class with old friends. Well done!

Great time and Great food ::

Cooking Class:Wonton Adventure

2018-05-28 Jim (coach) Worrall

What a pleasant evening, learning the secrets of wonton preparation with a nice group of people! This is so much better than the wonton soup you get in a typical American Chinese restaurant. Delicious! I can't wait to try it at home.

Yum, love it! ::

Cooking Class:Wonton adventure


This was an awesome class. Shuling is so fun and knows all the wonton tricks. Great adventure!

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