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Tasting Chinese Baozi – steamed dumpling

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Learning how to make Chinese steamed dumpling – Baozi. It will make your daily mean a delight to enjoy.


Class lasts from 5:00pm to 8:00pm


Carrots, tofu, bean noodles, eggs, mushrooms, soy source, dried small shrimp, flour, etc.

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Offered By Shuling's Chinese Cuisine Kitchen
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Chinese steamed dumpling is a very popular core food that people like a lot in daily meals. They have so big variety filling options that you will never feel tired of it. You will learn how to make a wrapper and how to make the Baozi. Steaming it with the right cooking time is another thing you need to know about. Baozi usually tastes so good with pickled garlic.

Cancellation 2 hours before the start of the class will be accepted and refund will be made.

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I was from northern China and having lived in the US with my family many years. My father was a very good cook and I got a lot influence with him in enjoying cooking. Nothing could make me more happy than to see my family and friends enjoy the food I cooked.