Revising Approved Cooking Classes

Revising a Cooking Class listing after it has been approved and before the class is held can cause problems, especially if guests have already registered.  Cooking Coaches are strongly advised to review all aspects of the class listing carefully, including previewing and testing the resulting class page, before submitting:

  1. Click “Save Draft” at the bottom
  2. If you see a message that includes a “Preview class” link, choose that.  Otherwise click your Classes tab at the top, hover over the class, and choose View.
  3. Make sure the description and other text entries are complete and correct, and that the calendar shows the date(s) and time(s) that you intend.

If you must revise a class listing, please note the following:

  1. To revise a listing, in your Kitchen Dashboard click the Classes tab, hover over the class, and choose Edit.
  2. Check all fields to be sure they are set as needed.
  3. If you have registered guests for the class, be careful about changing things that might result in a registered guest changing their mind.  You should enable “Can be cancelled” on the General tab and notify registered guests of any such changes.
  4. If you have registered guests, changing various quantities could have unpredictable consequences and should be avoided.

Reusing Class Listings

Completed Cooking Classes may be deleted two weeks after the last class session.  If you wish to save your listing for future reuse, edit the listing as follows:

  1. In the General tab, click Private Listing.  This will hide your class from the catalog.  Noone will be able to register unless they have the link or randomly enter the correct numbers in a class link.
  2. To make certain no one can register for your saved class, change the Max Bookings per Block to 0.
  3. Change the Range Picker in the Availability tab to a date in the future.  Your listing should be protected from deletion until two weeks after the last date that you choose.

You can duplicate a Cooking Class to reuse it for a new class.  In the Classes tab of your Kitchen Dashboard, hover over the class and choose Duplicate.  You will be taken to the listing page, where you can change anything for the duplicate class, review, and submit.  Some items may not carry forward into the new listing, so check it carefully.