Cook & Connect
with Nadège
Discover how cooking fun, healthy and delicious food can build deeper connections with yourself and the people in your life.
The secret to wellbeing.
Food can transform the way you feel about yourself. It can excite the senses and bring joy into your life. It’s also the foundation to keeping healthy, focussed and energetic.

Lead by Nadège Lepoittevin, Cook & Connect is both a culinary lifestyle and a live online class, that shows you how cooking with nutrient rich, flavourful, all natural ingredients can make you feel balanced, focussed and more connected with yourself and the world around you.
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Revive your soul with nutrition.
Food can nourish us on many levels, mentally and physically. The Cook & Connect class reveals foods and ingredients that are known to have nourishing and healing benefits for both our bodies and our minds.
Delight the senses with flavour.
Food can be a great source of pleasure and joy, but just because something is delicious, doesn't mean it can't be healthy too. Nadège will show you how ingredients that are low in sugars, fats and calories can be used in new and innovative ways to make the food you love taste better in every way.
Spend time in the present.
The act of cooking can be a deeply fulfilling experience. You're connecting with nature through the ingredients and you're taking the time to create something that smells and tastes amazing. The Cook & Connect class focusses on teaching you how cooking can be a great way to have fun, slow down, and be in the moment.
Cooking can be a powerful bonding experience. It can be a great way to spend time with yourself, friends, colleagues and loved ones. The recipes in the Cook & Connect classes are built around community and connection, so that the food you eat can be meaningful in more ways than one.
Hi, I'm
I’m a holistic chef who has spent my whole life exploring, experimenting and learning about the ways food can facilitate health, wellbeing and happiness in life. 

From my upbringing on a farm in Northern France, to my travels around the globe, I have discovered exquisite recipes and magical ingredients that uplift your spirits, heal your body and build connection in your life. 

I am now here to share all I have discovered, and that which I continue to discover, with the hope that you too can experience the wonderful benefits that lie in the fantastical world of cooking. 
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