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CookandConnect is an online community that helps people share their culinary knowledge and skills with people who want to learn and try new dishes. It connects home or commercial cooks with those who want to learn about and experience new cuisine in their community, or while traveling.

Invite people to your kitchen with an open heart and share what you love and are passionate about with your friends, neighbors, and interesting people that you would like to meet. Teach how to prepare your grandmother’s special dish, a meal you’ve received countless compliments on, or a winning favorite that your kids love.

Get out of the house, offer a gift for yourself or friend, enjoy a hands-on affordable cooking class, taste classic or novel home cooking, and be a foodie.

The Cooking Coach is responsible for hosting in his/her own kitchen, gathering ingredients, providing instruction during the cooking session, and serving the meal to the Guests. The Cooking Coach can be anyone who wishes to teach, at home or in his/her commercial kitchen.

The Guest finds a great class, signs up and goes! It’s just that simple!  Usually a Guest can register multiple people for a Class, so bring a friend or significant other!

Cooking is fun. Life is an adventure.
Experience life while tasting delicious food and connecting with people.